Let's take a look at whether the search engines actually know about the project. This sure would be helpful in establishing some traffic. Can you click below and check to see if the domain exists in the results? Thanks you for your help The Yahoo Search Engine
Being in the Yahoo Search Engine is really important. We need to see if the domains show up there.

The Bing Search Engine
Bing is owned by Microsoft. Let me tell you, as much as they've been precieved by many in technology as the evil empire, we also must pay some homage to their contributions in the advancement of "user" level access. Had it not been for MS, we wouldn't have the Internet as we know it. Now, if you consider the security holes and exploits that exists and the users that are really not qualified to use the technology given to them, well then it's really like enabling an idiot.

AOL, what can anyone say. It's like the oldest effort to add users to the Internet that exists today outside of old science net. you can visit our domains here


Ask ASK Askk is like a minnor league wannabe search engine. It's been hanging on for ever as a "brand" but honestly it was never really a compelling story.
If you do want to click on this list to see if the domain comes up, it only helps let Ask know that in many cases the domain is not there and further sends a message how inadequate they are.